Gold Mining, Human Rights and Due Diligence in Colombia

Analysis and recommendations towards the implementation of the EU Regulation on Responsible Sourcing and further legislation (Summary of Study Betancour Betancour, María Soledad (2019), Producción minera, territorio y conflicto en Colombia. Retos globales y locales para la protección de los derechos humanos.)November, Johanna Sydow.

The main objective of the Raw Materials Initiative, which was launched in by the European Commission in 2008 and relaunched in 2011, was to guarantee access to raw materials for European companies. Although its first pillar focuses on the ‘Fair and sustainable supply of raw materials from global markets’, human rights violations in the context of mining were barely addressed. Responding to this lack of attention to human rights in the EU’s policies on supply of raw materials, the European Parliament pushed for Regulation on conflict minerals2 (EU Regulation on Responsible Minerals), which was approved in 2017 and will come to force in 2021. Through this regulation, risks such as the worst forms of child labor, forced labor, forced prostitution and the financing of armed groups in the context of mineral extraction and the trade…


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