Offener Brief an das EU-Parlament zur Regulierung von Konfliktmineralien

Auch in Kolumbien finanziert illegaler Bergbau – und vielleicht sogar der legale – den bewaffneten Konflikt und mafiöse Strukturen, mit verheerenden Folgen für die lokalen Gemeinden sowie die Umwelt. Daher hat kolko – Menschenrecht für Kolumbien den Aufruf an die EU-Abgeordneten für eine verbindliche Regulierung von Konfliktmineralien unterzeichnet.

Ahead of a landmark vote on a new conflict minerals law to be held in the European Parliament on 20 May 2015, 157 civil society organisations urgently call on Members of the European Parliament to vote for a law which will finally tackle the trade in conflict minerals and ensure that European companies do not benefit from and contribute to human rights abuses.
Open Letter to Members of the European Parliament:
(18.05.2015) The European Union is the world’s largest economy, the world’s largest trading block, and home to 500 million consumers. Every year, millions of euro worth of minerals flow into the EU from some of the poorest places on earth. No questions are asked about how they are extracted, or whether their trade fuels conflict in local communities. The EU has no legislation in place to ensure companies source their minerals responsibly. Now is the time for change.
The trade in resources – such as gold, diamonds, tantalum, tin, copper and coal – continues to perpetuate a cycle of conflict and human rights abuses in many fragile areas of the world. These resources enter global supply chains and end up in products that we use every day, such as aeroplanes, cars, mobile phones and laptops. These goods connect us to the hundreds of thousands who have been displaced by conflict in the Central African Republic and Colombia. They connect us also to the thousands who have endured years of violence and abuse in parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and to the unknown victims of shadowy intelligence organisations in Zimbabwe.
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