Neuer Bericht: Beschützt Kolumbiens Frieden – Warum ist der Frieden in Kolumbien wichtig für die USA und Lateinamerika? (englisch und spanisch)

Juli 2020

Autoren: WOLA /LAWG u.a.

On July 23, the Latin America Working Group (LAWG), alongside the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) and 22 other international and local civil society organizations, published a report entitled, Protect Colombia’s Peace.

The report outlines the current challenges of Colombia’s peace process, including: the obstacles to fully reintegrating ex-combatants, despite advances; the very partial implementation of the ethnic chapter and gender provisions; the increasingly dire situation of human rights defenders; the halting implementation of rural reforms; the return to drug policy solutions that are not sustainable and undermine the accords; and the impact of the Venezuelan refugee crisis on Colombia.

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