OIDHACO Newsletter May – June 2013

The newsletter includes information on: peace process; the land issue – protests in the Catatumbo region, mining and forced displacement -; justice and military jurisdiction; human rights defenders situation, in particular journalists; and EU policy.


It contains the following sections:

– Mining in Colombia: 80% of the human rights violations occurring in Colombia are taking place in mining and oil municipalities

– Land in Colombia, source and object of conflict. The peace process must respond to this.

— Forced displacement continues to worsen

–Agreement on a “Comprehensive Agricultural Development Policy” in the peace negotiations

–Violent repression against campesinos uprising in the Catatumbo region, Northern Santander

– Attacks on defenders – special focus on attacks against journalists.

– European Peace Roundtables

– The reform of military criminal jurisdiction and its statutory law, a law which distorts International Human Rights law and reinforces the constitutional reform

– Colombia in the EU

— EU-Colombia human rights dialogue

— Visit of the Colombian Defense Minister to Brussels

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