EU Regulation on Conflict Minerals: European Parliament Vote and Member States

(June 2015). By ai and global witness The European Parliament voted on 20 May for a strong and binding law to tackle the trade inconflict minerals. MEPs from a broad spectrum of political groups and states supported a law that would legally require companies importing key minerals into Europe, including those contained in products, to source responsibly.

By overhauling the weak voluntary scheme proposed by the European Commission in March last year, the European Parliament has sent a clear signal that companies along the whole supply chain must source responsibly. Its message is unambiguous and echoes calls from civil society, consumers, investors, and religious leaders. This briefing calls on Member States to give their backing to the Parliament’s position, and sets out the key elements of the Parliament’s proposal.
The conflict minerals trade
The trade in minerals has funded violence and brutal armed groups around the world. For example, in the Central African Republic, Colombia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the minerals trade has been partly responsible for fuelling deadly conflicts that have displaced 9.4 million people.

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