Digging Deeper – Human Rights Impacts of Coal in the Global South

The report includes case studie of Colombia, India, Egypt and South Africa.

From the Colombia case study:
The Human Rights Impacts of the Coal Industry

The Colombian government and transnational mining
companies have often argued that coal production has
helped eradicate poverty by bringing prosperity and
development to nearby communities. However, actual
figures belie these claims. Between 2004 and 2011, despite
three decades of royalties and taxes from mining, La
Guajira and Cesar rank third and seventh in terms of
extreme poverty in the country, with 65% of the population
in La Guajira and 76% in Cesar not having their basic needs
met.¹ The situation in La Guajira is severe: between 2008
and 2013, 3,000 children under the age of five died due to
lack of sanitation, malnutrition and poor health
infrastructure – most of which belonged to the indigenous
communities of the Wayúu, Wiwa, Kogui, Arhuaco and

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