Des Lehrlings politische Misswirtschaft. Zwei Jahre Regierung Duque: Gewalt und Autoritarismus

Datum: 09.09.2020

Autoren: CCEEU, Alianza, Plataforma DESC

The second year of Ivan Duque’s government has been characterized by an increase in violence in the country. The United Nations Human Rights Office in Colombia recorded 33 massacres and at least 97 homicides of human rights defenders in the first half of 2020. The UN Verification Mission in Colombia registered the homicide of 41 people in the reincorporation process during the same period.

The national government’s handling of the pandemic caused by the global COVID-19 outbreak has further highlighted the deep social inequalities and authoritarian nature of the president and his party. Duque’s measures have been aimed at strengthening the financial sector rather than guaranteeing the right to healthcare and a basic subsistence income for vulnerable social sectors.


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