Comunidad de Paz San José de Apartadó

In the last few days we have been reporting on the very difficult situations that we are faced with in the area of our Peace Community of San José de Apartadó; in spite of everything, the State continues being a spectator and an accomplice to all that is happening.

-Today, November 28, around 200 paramilitaries arrived in the rural district of La Esperanza where they have confined the people for several hours, locking them up incommunicado inside the health center. There, according to them, they are going through the background of each person. They have also said that they will stay there and they will be in charge and control everything. They said that they have bought several farms in Playa Larga and the order is that they need the farms, and the owners must sell whether they like it or not. They have already bought three large farms where they will have their bases in Playa Larga and they say that they will do the same in all of the rural districts.

This is a very dramatic situation; it places several districts at imminent risk of forced displacement and puts people’s lives in danger. They are trying to force the communities to submit to paramilitary rule. We refuse to accept this, as it goes against our principles of life. We request solidarity to address these situations and support to demand that the State stop acting as an accomplice.

November 28 2011