Letter to delegations in Havanna: Office of UN-Highcommissioner on Human Rights must stay

Letter from NGOs to La Habana: The UN office for Human Rights in Colombia must remains

In a letter sent to the delegations of the Colombian Government and the FARC -EP, organizations insist on the need to include into the agreements the permanence of Office of the United Nations High Commissioner in Colombia.
Members of the negotiating team of the government of the Republic of Colombia;
Members of the negotiating team of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
The undersigned organisations would like to recognize the efforts that you have made in the last several years in order to achieve the progress and agreements reached to date. We know that these are complex discussions and the agreements already reached demonstrate the determination that you all possess to sign a final accord as soon as possible, in order to permit all Colombian citizens to have hope for to the constructions of a country in peace.
Sharing in this hope, we respectfully wish to convey to you two recommendations.

Download complete text: letter_Havana_09.02.2016