Mehr Aggressionen gegen MenschenrechtsverteidigerInnen

Programa Somos Defensores

Bericht des Programms Somos Defensores zeigt Zunahme von Übergriffen

Bericht auf englisch: A recent report by the Colombian organization We Are Defenders stated that the number of attacks, threats and aggressions against human rights defenders increased in 2011 compared to 2010. Out of a total of 239 individual aggressions registered in 2011, 140 were threats, 49 killings, 6 forced disappearances, 17 attacks, 23 arbitrary detentions, 3 cases of injuries and 1 case of baseless prosecution. In 2010 the number of aggressions was of 174.

According to the report „Claroscuro“ in Colombia in 2011 a human rights defender was killed once every 8 days, and every 36 hours a defender was attacked or threaten.

The report states that while the Santos government has made some advances in changing its discourse and attitude towards human rights and human rights defenders; attacks, threats and aggressions against human rights defenders continue to be reported throughout the country. The report also states that defenders that seek land restitutions for the communities they represent are increasingly targeted by armed actors. Lesen Sie mehr unter: