Proposals for comprehensive reform of the police.

Document with six proposals to the government of Gustavo Petro for a comprehensive police reform made by several social organizations, academics and victims of police violence together with Amnesty International.

As a result of a workshop and subsequent discussion, several organizations, academics and victims of police violence proposed to the government of Gustavo Petro 6 changes for police reform (02.03.2023):“Demilitarize the National Police; modify its general structure and functions; reform recruitment, career paths and promotion practices; limit the use of force by members of the National Police; establish monitoring mechanisms and citizen oversight of police activity; and guarantee truth, justice, and reparation for victims of police violence.“

“In Colombia, the National Police regularly use excessive force against protesters to instil fear, discourage peaceful protest and punish those demanding change in the country. The Colombian government must initiate comprehensive reform of the police with a human rights focus and the National Police must refrain from violating the rights of those who speak out,” said Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International. “The incidents reported during the mass demonstrations and protests of recent years must never be repeated. The Colombian state must take decisive steps towards creating a National Police force that guarantees the rights of all people.”

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