Mission Report from visit to Tumaco / Nariño by ECP

Between 19 to 22 and on 6 Juliy, 2018, the Space of Peace Cooperaction (ECP) carried out the observation mission concerning the humand rights and security of women situation and evaluated the implementation in Tumaco of the gendeer compomnents of the Peace Agreement reached between the Colombian government and FARC-EP. It focused particularly on the situation of women victims of armed conflict-related sexual violence, human rights leaders and defenders, women from the LGBT community, and women from the communities of the Alto Mira and Frontera area.
The mission was made up of the Movimiento por la Paz (MPDL) in Colombia, Forum for Women and Development (FOKUS), the Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation, Christian Aid, Peace Brigades International, Latin America Working Group and the ECP’s technical secretariat. It was supported and accompanied on the ground by Corporación Humanas Colombia, Colombia Diversa and Corporación Jurídica Yira Castro, partners of the ECP organisations.

The mission held meetings with international organisations accompanying women victims, women’s and sexual diversity organisations, victims of sexual violence, women leaders and human rights defenders, women members of Afro-Colombian and campesino organisational processes, reintegrated women from the FARC, members of the Espacio Territorial de Capacitación y Reincorporación2 (ETCR) of La Playa, local institutions, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Verification Mission in Colombia.

Find below the Report and also a special document with the Recomendations:

180920Mission Report of Tumaco sept 15 2018

180920Mission Report of Tumaco sept 15 2018 recomendations